8 Benefits of Same-day Crowns

benefits of same day crown

8 Benefits of Same-day Crowns

Questions may arise if your dentist tells you that you need to qualify for same-day crowns. In contrast, conventional crowns were made in a dental lab then cemented by your dentist. The process uses molds and temporary crowns, which could be messy. However, with technological advancements in modern dentistry, dentists can no make crowns from their offices.

What are Same-Day Crowns?

Also referred to as CEREC®, same-day crowns refer to a technological system in dentistry that effortlessly crafts dental crowns from the dentist’s office. The process begins with an intra-oral camera used to scan your mouth interior digitally.

The CEREC machine then gathers all the data taken and the precise measurements. These measurements allow the dentist near you to create the perfect tooth-colored crown for the best fit. The whole process can be completed in one dental appointment. This saves you the time and trouble of going for a second appointment.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns.

While some people feel like they are compromising quality for a faster same-day crown procedure, take it from experts that this is not the case. W are here to answer most of these questions.

  • No Temporary Crowns

Let’s talk about the process of getting dental crowns. You need time for fitting the crown, so there is some waiting lag time as you walk out from the first appointment to wait for the second. Your dentist will not let you walk away with a prepared tooth because it’s highly susceptible to damage than normal teeth.

You will be issued with temporary crowns to act as protection against external elements. They are not made to fit your teeth perfectly so that they can be unsightly and irritating. With same-day crowns, there are no temporary crowns as you walk home with your original crowns.

  • Saves on Time

There is a lag time with traditional crowns when you are leaving the dental office to wait for the next appointment. Your dentist has to assess the tooth/teeth to create a temporary crown and make sure it works.

The process can be long and unpleasant. Same-day crowns are just at advertised on the tin. You walk into the dental office and walk out with your crowns hours later.

  • High-quality Crown

Keep in mind that same-day crowns are not temporary; they are meant to stay in your mouth for good. It means that same-day crowns are string from the beginning, and there are no second appointments to change the temporary crowns.

High-quality ceramics also mean that you keep off metal from your crowns. You have materials that do not irritate your gums or the surrounding teeth. It also has similar properties to natural tooth appointments.

  • You Get the Exact fit

As already mentioned, same-day crowns in Temecula, CA, are not temporary, although they are placed on the same day of the appointment. Crown treatment is a costly procedure, so if you spend that much on dental treatment, make sure you are getting a worth-it crown.

This is made possible through precise-digital scanning plus dental mailing, ensuring that the crown you get is a perfect fit. You should consider your dental bite pattern and the details.

  • No Dental Putty

If you’ve had impressions of your teeth taken, you must already be aware of the use of dental putty. With CEREC crowns, you have the option to dodge the putty.

Putty is not good tasting when placed in your mouth, and the worst thing is that you have to hold it in your mouth for some time and deal with it, for you do not have an alternative. Well, now, you have that option.

  • Better Looking

A crown that fits better and is designed with more precision is most likely better looking. From a design and cosmetic perspective, CEREC crowns are better looking than traditional crowns. Traditional crowns, in most cases, leave black lines along the gum-lines, and at times they do not match the exact color shade of your natural teeth.

  • Preserve more natural teeth

When getting a dental crown, your dentist substantially drills into your tooth enamel to fit the crown. For same-day crowns in Temecula, CA, your natural tooth is barely prepared. More natural tooth is preserved for the crown.


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