Dental Implants Have Their Downsides: Are You Aware of Them?

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Dental Implants Have Their Downsides: Are You Aware of Them?

If you want to replace your missing teeth, you may not find every dental procedure suitable for you. You have various options to replace missing teeth that you may have lost due to decay, infections, or injuries. The most sought-after replacements for teeth are dental bridges, dental implants, or complete or partial dentures. If you want the best replacement solution, your dentist recommends the dental implants procedure.

Unfortunately, dental implants require you to be in good physical and oral health. If you are deficient in any requirement, you confront the downsides of dental implants. If you want to determine whether dental implants are the ideal option for you, reading over dental implants’ downsides is a requirement you cannot overlook.

This blog provides information on the downsides of dental implants. Please continue reading to learn about them.

Dental Implants Are Expensive

Any dentist giving you information that dental implants are affordable isn’t providing accurate information. Full mouth dental implants can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even a single implant costs you a few thousand. To determine the costs of dental implants, you must schedule a consultation with your dentist. If your dentist offers convenient payment plans, it provides you an option to make monthly payments that fit within your budget.

Dental Implants Required Surgery

The dental implant procedure requires surgery for inserting the titanium post in your jawbone. You may not think of the surgical process as significant, but risks are always involved with these procedures. The risk of dental implant surgery includes infections, damages to other teeth, delay in osseointegration, nerve damage, jaw fractures, et cetera. Dental implants might be appropriate for you if you are willing to confront the risks.

Replacements for Restorations May Become Necessary

Dental implants can last you for a lifetime, but the restorations attached to them may not. You may require replacements of the restorations overtime costing you over $ 1000 each. If you have multiple implants, the costs can add up substantially. You may think dental bridges or dentures are affordable. However, frequent replacements ensure the costs of these solutions also add up. Most patients requiring replacements for restorations are the ones who don’t care for their teeth appropriately.

Osseointegration Requires Time

If you want instant replacements for your missing teeth, dental implants are not the solution you must seek. Dental implants require plenty of time to heal, spanning between three months to 9 months. The timeline extends to 18 months if you need bone graft surgery or extractions because implant placement cannot proceed until your gums and jaw have healed.

Dental Implants Can Fail

When you receive dental implants, it is essential for you to understand that the chances of failure exist. Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent. However, approximately 10 percent of all implant placements fail. The reasons for the failure are generally patient-related. The lack of appropriate dental hygiene practices and avoiding dental visits for cleanings and exams are the most familiar reasons for dental implant failure. The titanium implant itself does not decay, but you become prone to conditions like gum disease that weakens the implanted post when you maintain inappropriate dental hygiene. You may contact the emergency dentist near you for a solution but are likely to receive a referral to the implantologist who inserted the titanium post into your jawbone.

Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover Implant Placements

Your dental insurance will, in every likelihood, not cover implant placements. At best, they may help you with the restoration costs attached to the implant in the form of a dental crown, dental bridges, and full or partial dentures. You can inquire with your insurance provider about your coverage but must prepare yourself to bear the costs of having dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

If you are willing to confront the downsides of dental implants head-on, you can undoubtedly prefer having them over any other tooth-replacement solution. After you have implants in your mouth, you must maintain and your oral hygiene is in excellent condition to prevent implant failure or any other complications that require treatments from the implantologist all over again. Better still, have yourself evaluated by your dentist to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the placements. Most dentists refuse dental implants to patients who don’t meet the criteria, making them eligible for the procedure. When investing a significant sum in teeth replacement solutions, you must consider all precautions and make proper inquiries to ensure you decide correctly.


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