How Long After Implant Can You Get Crown

implant and dental crown

How Long After Implant Can You Get Crown

Getting tooth implants to replace missing teeth is by far the best decision you will ever make if you desire to restore your smile. They are versatile and live up to their reputation. Ever since they came into the market almost six decades ago, they have altered countless smiles.

Currently, there are no other options to replace the entire tooth, including the roots, except dental implants. This trait makes them the best solution there is in the market. Nothing beats having a tooth replacement option that comes close to having your natural teeth.

However, tooth implants come in parts, and you might need to wait for some time before revamping your smile. In other words, the implants will need to be covered by dental crowns for the procedure to be complete.

But first, let’s see what happens during the procedure.

The Procedure for Getting Dental Implants

One main trait that stands out about dental implants is that they are root-sized rods that our dentist surgically inserts in the jawbone. In other words, dental implants are considered more of root replacements.

But for tooth implants to function as they should, they have three main parts, the implant, abutment (connector), and dental prosthesis (a dental crown, bridge, or denture).

Almost anyone can undergo the tooth implant procedure. However, our dental implant dentist in Temecula has to ascertain whether you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. This means that our dental implant dentist will check the following:

  • Gum health – unhealthy gums will not heal as expected and lead to undesired complications, including infections.
  • Bone health – you will need to have healthy bones since tooth implants are attached to the bone and hold it in place.
  • Age – The procedure is not age-restricting, but children and teenagers are not the ideal candidates
  • Overall health – The state of your overall health is critical since certain conditions can hinder the healing process, such as heart disease and diabetes

After our dentist is certain that you have ticked all the boxes, you will be scheduled to undergo the dental implant process that goes as follows:

Initial Examination

Our dentist will use imaging technology to check your ears, mouth, jaw, and throat. The images will help our dentist create a treatment plan best suited for you. After the treatment plan is set, you will be prepped for surgery.


If the tooth you wish to replace is still intact, our dentist in Temecula will perform a tooth extraction. Then, the jawbone will be prepped, meaning our dentist will perform procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lift if necessary.

If you need to undergo the extra procedures named above, you will have to go home and wait until your bone has healed. You will come back after you have healed so that our dentist inserts the implant into your jawbone.

Again, you will have to go home and wait for the jawbone to heal, and the process of osseointegration is complete (this is when the titanium rod fuses with your bone).

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Dental Crowns After Having Implants?

After the implant has been inserted, crown placement is the next big step in the procedure. Our dentist will place the crown on the implant. The crown is crucial for chewing and biting, and it will also make your smile look amazing.

You likely wish to know how long you will need to wait for you to get your crown. Well, then it all depends on the type of procedure you will choose. There are two main crown placement options, the traditional dental crown procedure or getting a same-day placement (CEREC crowns).

If you opt to go for traditional crowns, you will have to get a temporary crown. Before your jawbone has healed, which is usually after four or five months, our dentist will send you home with the temporary crown covering the tooth implant. After healing, you will come to our office, and our dentist will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one. So, you can get dental crowns in Temecula, usually after three to six months.

On the other hand, CEREC crowns are placed on the same day, thus eliminating the need for temporary crowns. These crowns are created in the office while you wait. The process usually takes about 15 minutes.

Do you still have questions about dental crowns and dental implants? If you do, contact us at Elevate Dental Temecula.


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