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Teeth Whitening in Temecula

Teeth Whitening

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile? Teeth whitening in Temecula is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that removes the unattractive stains that yellow or darkens a previously white smile. Although commercial teeth whitening products are available, over-the-counter whitening kits may take months to show results due to the low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solutions and may actually harm the structures of your mouth over time. In addition to successfully whitening your smile, it’s important to diagnose the cause of the discoloration of the enamel of your teeth. A skilled dentist provides an examination that reveals if teeth bleaching is a safe option for you.

Commercial vs. Professional Teeth Whitening Products

People want a whiter smile, and numerous over-the-counter products have appeared that promise to whiten teeth. The American Dental Association has expressed concern with these commercial preparations that may cause gum irritation and actually erode the irreplaceable enamel from teeth. Also, if you have a tooth with the start of decay, the harsh chemicals of teeth whitening gels, strips, or pastes may cause injury to the hard and soft tissues of the tooth structure that may or may not result in pain. Also, the user is typically encouraged to use the product for an extended period of time exposes mouth tissues to chemicals, and does not include professional supervision. However, Antionio Reza DDS can design an in-home bleaching kit that provides professional supervision for safety, comfort, and typically faster results. If you prefer whitening your teeth quickly with dramatic results, the fastest way to achieve whiter teeth is to spend one to two visits to the dental office for professional bleaching by a trained dentist. While many commercial preparations use a hydrogen peroxide concentration of only 3.5 percent, dentists typically supervise the use of a 25 to 40 percent solution that is performed quickly and safely. Although over-the-counter preparations may remove some organic stains such as coffee or residual film, most professional bleaching systems have the ability to whiten your teeth up to 12 shades lighter.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

The best way to achieve a whiter smile is, to begin with, healthy teeth. The advantages of professional teeth whitening in Temecula include an examination by a trained dentist. Before bleach is applied safely, it’s important to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, and the health of the roots before applying bleach. If your teeth have enamel that has worn down, you may have exposed nerve roots and bleaching can be extremely painful. In addition, if you have restorative dental work, the material may not brighten and bleaching may create an unevenness of several different shades that present a discolored smile. Consult your dentist before whitening your teeth if you have certain conditions such as:

  • Sore or sensitive gums
  • Tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Dental work such as bridges, crowns, or fillings
  • Discolored teeth from medications
  • Worn enamel or exposed nerve roots
  • Gum disease or condition
  • Unexplained tooth discoloration
  • Broken, chipped, or injured teeth
  • Cavities or tooth decay

Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

Dr. Antonio Reza can design custom-made mouth trays for you that is filled with a bleach solution and placed on your teeth in the privacy of your home. Depending on his instructions, you may apply the bleaching product for a specified amount of time on a daily basis. Over several weeks, your teeth will continue to whiten with use until you have reached your goal. If the bleaching causes any discomfort, notify Dr. Reza, and the solution may be re-constituted or applied for shorter periods.

Rapid Results: In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth bleaching in Temecula usually require one or two visits to whiten your teeth to their maximum potential. In an in-office environment, you have the added benefit of Dr. Reza’s supervision throughout the process. The gums are protected with a plastic shield or a special ointment to provide a comfortable experience. The bleaching solution is applied directly to your teeth for a specific amount of time for the best results. As a specialized light or laser is used to speed up the bleaching process, stains, film, and discoloration begin to disappear from the pores and surface of your enamel. The results are usually spectacular with several stages of whitening realized immediately.

Can I Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening?

Only your dentist can decide if professional teeth bleaching is a good option for you. After an examination of your dental health and the condition of your teeth, Dr. Reza will provide the information that may help you make an informed decision about teeth whitening in Temecula. Although most people experience remarkable results, people who have to yellow due to loss of enamel may require other cosmetic methods to restore their white smiles. Keep your teeth healthy and ensure that bleaching is a safe procedure for your individual needs.

Be Informed: Visit Dr. Antonio Reza

Most people agree that few cosmetic procedures boost their confidence more than a brighter, whiter smile. Antonio Reza is an experienced dentist who has performed numerous in-office teeth whitening procedures with results that have successfully produced whiter teeth. Before considering the use of commercial teeth-whitening products, always consult your trusted dentist Dr. Reza for a checkup to ensure the structures of your mouth are intact and whitening is safe.


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