What Is Considered a Dental Restoration?

tooth restorations for dental health

What Is Considered a Dental Restoration?

If you are having crooked, discolored, damaged, worn, missing, or unhealthy teeth, you might receive a suggestion from your dentist to get the tooth or teeth restored or replaced. Tooth restorations help with the natural functionality of the teeth and prevent further damage from decay. Restorative procedures also enhance the look of your teeth, making them beneficial for aesthetic reasons. Occasionally dental restoration procedures restore tooth functionality and look simultaneously.

Kinds of Dental Restorations

When considering fixing your teeth to improve appearance and functionality, the dental clinic in Temecula, CA, offers different restorations. The fixing you need is determined by the extent of damage to your teeth.

Some familiar restorative procedures the dentist might offer include:

Dental fillings, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, veneers, and dental bonding. The damage to your teeth determines which specific restorative procedure best suits your needs, and the dentist treating you recommends an approach after examining your teeth.

For example, if you have a severely damaged tooth from decay or accidents that need fixing, the dentist offers you dental crowns functioning as tooth caps to encase the existing tooth stub with an artificial tooth created from dental grade porcelain to restore the strength, appearance, size, and functionality of the tooth. The restoration ensures that the tooth stub in your mouth remains protected under the Crown. The dentist also provides a temporary crown after reshaping your tooth and taking images for the fabricators to create your new Crown. You must endure the temporary crown over your tooth to safeguard it from further damage after its reshaping.

How Long Does a Temporary Crown Last?

Acrylic material helps make temporary crowns bonded over your reshaped tooth and held over it with temporary cement unfit to maintain it for long unless used as suggested by dental restorations in Temecula. Temporary crowns are merely interim restorations over your tooth because dental laboratories require three weeks to fabricate your porcelain crown. The temporary crown ensures you don’t show off the damaged or diseased stub in your mouth, which would have weakened further from the reshaping by the dentist. Therefore, you must expect the temporary crown to last no more than three to four weeks when the Temecula dentist provides your new restoration after removing the interim placement.

Are Dental Restorations Painful?

A tooth with permanent damage by a cavity, accidents, or other reasons will likely cause pain, sensitivity, and make you confront challenges eating, smiling, and talking. For example, a cavity in your tooth can burrow down deep into it to infect your dental pulp, making you manage excruciating pain in the tooth until the dentist suggests endodontic therapy and restoration with a dental crown to relieve you from the discomfort.

The pain you might experience from dental restorations depends on the procedure you are undergoing, its severity, and its intensity. However, regardless of whether you receive fillings to close holes in your teeth or have missing teeth replaced, you can rest assured that the dentist ensures comfort when getting your tooth fixed or replaced.

When graduating from dental school, dentists receive training on anxiety and pain management techniques to help patients overcome the pain they will undoubtedly experience when the dentist starts working in their mouth. Therefore, dentists provide local anesthesia in the mouth for patients accustomed to dental visits and suggest oral sedation to patients with dental anxiety that refuse to visit dentists even to receive routine dental cleanings. Therefore, you can rest assured the dentist makes dental restorations painless while providing them.

You will likely experience some discomfort as the anesthesia begins wearing off and your mouth starts getting used to having alien appliances covering your damaged teeth. Thankfully dentists provide sufficient after-care instructions on managing post-operative pain and discomfort by using a prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers, making you think the restoration you received wasn’t discomforting but beneficial as you can use your mouth like earlier without significant challenges.

When Should You Consider Dental Restorations?

You must remain proactive with your dental health and address dental issues promptly by visiting your dentist for routine exams. For example, if you have painful or bleeding teeth or signs of infections, your dentist can help address the problem quickly by suggesting restorative procedures that help improve the looks of your teeth and helps avoid further damage.

You can receive tooth restorations for dental health or aesthetic purposes. Different options exist to fix damaged, decayed, missing, or broken. Tooth restorations bring uniformity to your smile and help restore natural functionality making it comfortable for you to eat and speak.

If you have damaged or decayed teeth that need fixing, Elevate Dental provides different kinds of options to restore your damaged teeth. Consulting with the practice helps you determine which dental restoration best suits your needs to have them in one or multiple appointments for medical or aesthetic purposes.


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