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Not all cleanings are the same and not all people need the same cleaning. Many variables are considered when it comes to cleanings. Much is dependent on the health of the patient, the condition of the gums and the bone underneath. Dr. Reza, Dr. Papworth, Dr. Olivotto and their staff of Registered Dental Hygienists will carefully put together a personalized treatment plan. The goal is to help patients in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

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Gum Disease

As a rule, any inflammation, redness, bleeding or swelling can be viewed as a sign of gum disease. Gum disease can be classified into two categories: gingivitis and periodontitis. Early gum disease is called gingivitis and only the gums are involved. More advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. Periodontitis affects the bone under the gums, which in turn affects the stability of the teeth. Gingivitis is reversible but periodontitis is not. The majority of the population has varying degrees of periodontitis, and even though it cannot be reversed there are ways to control it.


Gingivitis is a moderate form of gum disease caused by plaque: a combination of bacteria and food stuck on the teeth. Plaque that surrounds the teeth and is in contact with the gums results in inflammation and the resulting disease. Fortunately, gingivitis can be resolved with a good cleaning and better home care.


The importance of professional teeth cleaning is often ignored to the point that teeth will begin to feel mobile. If left for a prolonged period, plaque will collect under the gums, begin to harden and start destroying the bone that holds teeth in place. This often painless condition is called periodontitis. Periodontitis is not simply a disease of the gums, as in gingivitis, but also of the bony support under the gums. As the jaw bone is destroyed the teeth become loose. The damage is irreversible and the teeth never regain their stability. If the damage is too severe the affected teeth will need to be removed.

Elevate Dental’s hygienists are trained to detect the disease and offer specific recommendations for each individual. Recommendiations may include a combination of deep cleanings, antibiotics, more closely-spaced recare visits and, in some cases, a team effort with periodontists, doctors who specialize in diseases of the gums. The intent is to not only control the disease but also to educate patients so they do not loose the function of their teeth.

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