Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Is sedation dentistry right for you

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

During childhood, threats work to help refrain from poor oral habits. However, the threats may create negative notions about dentistry, which may become quite hard to overcome in the older years. Many adults who struggle with dental phobias and anxieties have traumatic childhood experiences that shape their current perspectives. Fortunately, patients can now bank on sedation dentistry to remedy such struggles.

​What Is Sedation Dentistry?

It is the practice of using regulated medication to promote calmness, relaxation, and comfort for patients during dental procedures. The primary role of sedation in dentistry is to overcome dental anxiety, which has become one of the greatest inhibitors of proper dental care to many people.

How Does Sedation Work?

Our sedation dentistry in Temecula entails administering medicine before dental processes. Once the dentist administers the sedative, your body will respond to the medication. Severally, sedatives in dentistry are used alongside local anesthesia, which numbs your mouth from any pain. Sedation dentistry works by:

  1. Minimizing gag reflexes – by relaxing your muscles.
  2. Producing feel-good hormones instead of stressors by creating feelings of euphoria.
  3. Relaxing the mind and body to reduce restlessness
  4. Numbing your mouth from pain
  5. Reducing consciousness and alertness – you may have little or no recollection of the eventualities of your treatment, whether regarding sound or sensations.

Types of Sedation Applied by Dentists

At Elevate Dental Temecula, we keep our patients in the loop regarding different types of sedation, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their preferences. The common types of sedation used in dentistry are:

  1. Laughing gas – Involves inhaling laughing gas combined with oxygen. The gas passes through a face mask that covers both your mouth and nose. The dentist can regulate the level of sedation by controlling the amount of oxygen you inhale. The gas creates feelings of euphoria, removing your focus from stressors that may cause dental anxiety.
  2. Oral pill – Taken about an hour before the procedure. The dentist will regulate the level of sedation by managing the dosage of the tablet. Once the medicine begins to take effect in your body, you will start feeling more calm, relaxed, and even sleepy. Once you have swallowed the pill, the dentist can no longer regulate your sedation level. You will feel sleepy until the effects of the medicine wear off in your body.
  3. Intravenous injection – IV sedation is a common type of sedation praised for its immediate effects. It is what makes it very effective for use during dental emergencies. The injection will administer the medicine directly into your bloodstream through the veins. With an IV drip still connected to your hand, the dentist can control the level of sedation while continuing with your treatment.

​Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

As you approach your dentist near you for your first dental appointment, you may not know whether or not you need sedation dentistry. However, once you learn the benefits it has for patients, you may be more open to trying or our:

  1. Treating dental anxiety – Anxiety can get worse when you cost your dentist. Sedation dentistry will calm your mind and remove your focus from stressors on the dental office.
  2. Alleviating pain – With local anesthesia alongside other types of sedation, you will not experience any pain during your treatment, regardless of how invasive it may be.
  3. Promoting relaxation – You will likely forget about your dental treatment when sedated. Your mind and body will fully relax. It may even help you get a good night’s sleep later in the day.
  4. Promoting precision – When your dentist does not have to worry about your restlessness and sudden movements during treatment, he/she can work efficiently and with high accuracy. It is a crucial aspect since dental works occur in rather tight spaces.
  5. Helping you sit still – You may not think you move about until you have to sit still with your mouth open for several minutes in the dentist’s chair. Children especially benefit from sedation dentistry in this way. Besides, when undergoing multiple procedures in one dental visit or long invasive procedures, sitting still will help your treatment be successful.

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