The Examination


Dental Examination in Temecula, CA

Prevention is the key to keeping all of the oral tissue healthy. It is the most effective way to avoid unexpected expenses. The Elevate Dental team promotes a strong preventative program and rely on their many years of diagnostic experience to provide the best treatment. It all begins with a detailed examination.

Dental Checkup

Dental Examinations to Maintain a Healthy Smile

There are several essential elements involved in maintaining a healthy smile, but the two most important are proper, at-home care and regular dental visits for professional cleaning and examination.  Why should you schedule regular visits with the qualified team at Elevate Dental?


In addition to offering specialty services like cosmetic dentistry and periodontics, Elevate Dental helps to maintain your healthy smile with regular dental examinations, including visual exam, cleaning, and x-rays as needed.  Even if you diligently follow an at-home regimen of oral care that includes daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you still need professional help to clean hard-to-reach areas, address plaque and tartar buildup, and prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease.


During regular exams, our dentists can spot and treat potential problems like cavities or the early stages of gum disease before they become major oral health concerns.  At Elevate Dental, our thorough examinations help to ensure the optimal oral health outcomes you deserve.



Comprehensive Examination

The exam begins with a thorough review of the health history to assess medical conditions and medications. A cancer screening of the head, neck and mouth is conducted followed by an evaluation of the gums and bone support. An assessment of the teeth will outline the condition of existing restorations, alignment and wear problems, decay and potentially compromised teeth, infection and abscesses. The findings will influence the direction necessary to treat the conditions. All findings will be discussed and treatment options will be presented. The final treatment plan is a close collaboration between the patient and the doctor to tailor the most suitable options.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are a necessary means to correctly diagnose and, therefore, recommend proper treatment. Elevate Dental’s investment in digital X-ray technology is state of the art. Regular dental X-rays are safe but digital technology cuts radiation exposure by almost 70%. The images are clear, diagnostic and instantaneous. These images are displayed on a computer screen for both the doctor and the patient to see. It is a fantastic piece of technology.

Intra Oral Photography

Intra oral photography is a valuable tool often used to help the patient see what the doctor is also seeing. It helps to visualize the findings of the exam. A very specialized camera on a small, sleek wand takes digital photographs that are viewed instantly on a computer screen. These photos can be printed and used as an adjunct for insurance purposes. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

The results of the exam will dictate the necessary treatment. The expertise that the Elevate Dentals team offer is to not only diagnose but to make recommendations. All the findings of the exam are discussed and treatment alternatives are presented, but the final treatment plan is a close collaboration between the patient and the doctor. The most suitable treatment options for the patient are ultimately the correct treatment plan.


Diagnosis & Treatment